This is the basic set of instructions on creating a new user in Office 365

1. Go to Customers Office 365 Admin Console > Users and Groups

2. Select the Plus symbol to add a new user

Section 1

First Name: (First Name)

Second Name: (Second Name)

Display Name: (First) (Last)

Username: (This is their email address, Make sure this is the same layout of all other users, Also be sure to set the correct Domain)

Section 2

Admin Role: No

Set User Location: (Usually United Kingdom)

Section 3

Select the license requested by the customer, Sales team may need to send a quote over

Section 4

Send the results to your email address if required

Section 5

Take a note of the Email Address and Password


1. Groups - Done via the Exchange Admin Console

2. Grant users access to this account - Done via the Exchange Admin Console

3. If the customer requests anything else and you are unsure on how to setup then check with another team member or Office 365 support​