To Forward from a Distribution group

You will need to log into the Reseller Console of Google and Go to the Admin Console.  Once in the below screen

Select Configure Apps – select GMAIL


Select Advanced Settings

In the Search text Box – enter routing and the below will appear


The following information needs to be configure

Need to provide a description something that is recognisable


Inbound & Internal – receiving needs to be selected

Envelope Filter

Select Only affect Specific envelope recipients

Enter the email address of the DG so as in the above (this is for sorbus)

Scroll down to the option – “Also deliver to” – Tick the Add more Recipients option – Select ADD – enter the forward email address

One Final Option will be a Show Options Tab – you will need to expand this is the below options will need to be selected

Once all the options have been selected – the email should then forward

If you hover over the right hand side the edit function should appear – select edit and the below option should appear.  IF more than one needs to be forwarded. Save the changes that have been made.  Hover over the right hand side another option will appear – Add Another