There can be instances where internal emails are sent via a group.  Sometimes the email address can be "spoofed" or the email gets marked as spam and placed in the spam folder of people inbox.  The below is a guide to check the group settings to make sure the settings are as they should be.  Please note the below is only a overview and the settings can be different to each business/organisation.  848 would advise to seek consultation if you are not sure what the below changes implement.

The setting that needs to be changed is as follows - need to be logged in as Super Admin in order to make the necessary changes

Once logged into Google - need to select the small grid and select groups

Select the required Group - so in this instance Cast
Top right Hand corner - there should be a heading called Manage - this needs to be selected

Settings Tab on the left hand side will need to be selected and then the Moderation Option

The below screen will appear and this is where the changes need to be made

The Spam Message settings will provide 4 options from deleting the email to capture the email and either manually allow it or manually delete the email