Mapping a Network Drive in Mac OS X

Open the Finder. The Finder is typically located in the Dock. Press Command+K to open the Connect to Server window. Enter the location of the shared drive that you want to map. Enter the location in the following format: //computername/path/to/folder. Click Connect

  • The folder must be shared in order to map it as a network drive.

  • You may need to enter login details if the folder has been protected.


Set the drive to remount upon reboot. If you leave it as it is, the drive will not be remounted next time you reboot or reconnect to the network. You will need to add it to your Login Items for it to reappear.



Click the Apple menu. Select System Preferences, then click Accounts. Open Login Items, then click the “+” button to add the network drive. Locate the drive and click Add.

  • There is a chance that your drive will not show up on the desktop. To fix this, open the Finder and then open the Finder preferences by pressing Command+. Select the General tab and check the box for Connected Servers. Your drive should now appear on your desktop.