This Process will allow users to gain access to historical email IF Google Vault is enabled and configured

Firstly, you will need the information to be able to perform a Historical Search, For example, email address From & To date, any keywords that may be able to narrow down the search.

Once the information has been obtained, you will need to do the following.

Log into GMAIL with an Admin and Password

Select the Tiny Squares that will appear in the Top Right corner of the screen and then select Vault

You will have the below screen appear

If you select, "create" the below should appear

Ideally, you will need to provide some information.  A Suggestion for "Matter Name" would be the person name that you are trying to find the emails for.  For description, you can provide the purpose of the matter or leave it blank. See example below


Once you are happy with this, select "create new matter" - You will go to a "Hold Option" Screen

You will need to select the Search option has highlighted Above

The next Screen will appear - with the information that has been provided to you, you will need to fill out the information as much as possible including any keywords that will relate only to those emails

Once you have done this, press the search key and the information will be generated

The information can now be shared and a link will be emailed to the user.  Top right there is a share button.  when you select this, you will then have the option to add in users

When you press save and close the link will be emailed.  Confirm with the user they can see the requested information.  IF the user cannot see any information, the permissions for Google Vault will need to be checked

Checking Permissions

You will need to select the small tile on the top right corner of the screen and select Admin

You should come to the below screen 

You need to look for the Admin Roles icon.  IF this is not displayed in the list, you will need to select more controls.  Once you have selected the Admin Role Icon the below screen will appear


This is where you can create a specific role or add users to existing roles.  The privileges tab allows you to see what permissions the users have to the assigned role.  As long as you have admin access, the privileges can be restricted and lockdown or full access can be given.

In order to allow the users to see the specific information, the following privileges have been granted

There are other options within the heading of Google Vault that allows you to select and deselect options. The other options relate to other settings to do with GSUITE.  These settings do not need to be touched. Once you have selected the required access and happy with the settings, select save, located at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Allow for replication.  When the users then go to view the link again, the information will appear

The follow links will also provide detailed information 

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