Process: Creating a Shared Mailbox

1) Log into with an account that has Admin rights

2) On the main screen select the admin icon underneath 'Install office'

3) Once you're in the admin centre select exchange via the side menu by selecting 'Admin centers' and then exchange 

4) Here is the exchange admin center.

5) Select recipient --> Mailbox then select shared.

6) Once in the shared mailbox area, select the ‘+’ symbol to add a new shared mailbox.


7) Once open, fill out desired Display Name, Email Address and add in The Users who require permission to view and send from the shared mailbox.

8) Click ‘Save’ and allow it to create the Shared Mailbox.
For this example I am using Marketingresearch@M365x254855.onmicrosoft which I set up for a marketing research team


9) You can see now the account is now set up 


10) Make sure to check the mailbox delegation to confirm all the users are accounted for, to do this double click on the shared mailbox and click mailbox delegation. Once you are happy with who is in the group, click ‘Save.’


11) Wait approximately 15-30 minutes and then test functionality of the new shared mailbox by logging into a users account thats been setup within the mailbox delegation mentioned in step 7, load up Outlook check to see the shared email is located on the side underneath the main users emails and send a test email ‘From: Marketingresearch@M365x254855.onmicrosoft’ and test whether the recipient receives the email and also recieves it under the marketing research name or whatever name you have chosen, this is done via changing the sender when creating a new email next to the 'To' button.

For MAC OS X Users

To add the shared mailbox you must complete some final steps

Step 1: Within the Outlook application on the MAC, select Outlook via top task bar then select Preferences.

Step 2:  Outlook Preferences will now show up, select the Accounts under Personal Settings, second one in from the left

Step 3: Now you can see your account(s) select the account that has access to the shared mailbox and select Advanced shown in highlighted red box

 Step 4: You will now be greeted with a new box showing Server, Delegates and Security, select Delegates then go to the second box down called Open these additional mailboxes select the plus icon shown highlighted. 


Step 5: Now we must search for the new mailbox, for out example we used Marketing Research, this will be whatever shared mailbox you have just created. Once you have typed in your new shared mailbox click Add

Step 6: Here you can see it is now within the Open these additional mailboxes highlighted.


Step 7:  Restart Outlook on your MAC and you will find your chosen shared mailbox located on the left hand side, in our case our Marketing Research mailbox is available to view (highlighted in red). 



Once these steps have been completed you would of successfully have set up shared mailbox(s) on either windows or MAC OSX. 

- 848 Group