Support Engineer:

Daniel Craythorne

Customer Requested | Company:

Susan Taylor | DJH Accountants

Date Completed:

Monday 16th January 2017



Jeanette Dunn


Sage 50 Payroll


22.02.254 à 22.04

Process: Installing Updates for Sage 50 Payroll Version 22.02.254 à 22.04


1) Open Outlook

2) Open the email from Sage with update download.

3) Open email from Sage and download link.





3.5) Click Blue Hyperlink to ‘Sage 50 Payroll for tay year 2016/2017 – version 22.04’ and download update for Sage Payroll.


4) Once downloaded, open TeamViewer and connect to the target PC/laptop.





5) Drag the downloaded file e.g. “SagePayrollInstall” on to the target machine and allow time for it to copy across.



6) Right-click and run Install as Admin on SagePayrollInstall.exe




7) “Accept License” | “Next” | “Turn on Background Updates” | “Next” | “Yes”



8) Sage 50 Payroll has been successfully updated.



9) Restart Machine so changes take effect.


10) Test functionality of Sage 50 Payroll