The Windows Anniversary update seems to be causing issues with various types of software.  Sage Accounts is one of the pieces of software that tends to stop working.   Sage have recommended the below fix.  The update unticks the dot net framework Feature

When users select Sage Accounts The below will appear - The software looks like as though it will open, however the below will disappear and revert back to the user desktop


You will need to go into Start - Control Panel - Program and features.

On the left hand side you will need to select Turn on/off Windows features


Once the option has been selected, the following screen will appear 

Both Net Frame will need to be selected and the WCF Services - expand the WCF services and make sure TCP Port Sharing is selected


Once these options have been selected, select ok, The features will start updating.  Once this has completed, try the Software again and it should open.  IF Sage still does not work, a ticket will need to be raised with Sage to investigate further