Your One Drive is your Private Cloud Storage in Office 365

This can be accessed primarily from logging into your Office 365 account at and by Selecting the icon from main login page  (add URL straight to one drive)

 This will take you to an empty page with one folder called “Shared with Everyone”

This folder structure is for you to change, manage and customize to suit your needs, all your work can be stored here to save your information.

The Major feature of One Drive for business is the Sync Capabilities.

Along the top toolbar, the option to Sync will begin to synchronize your files between One Drive Cloud storage and your desktop

This will become available from the access bar in File Explorer and will replicate your file structure exactly from the cloud.

If prompted, sign in to Office 365 or SharePoint.

 The associated library and Share dialog box opens in a web browser.

Select options in the Share dialog box and click Share.