This document will detail the process of adding Tasks and Phone Calls – as emails and appointments are more easily added via Outlook using the add-in. This process will be detailed in a separate document.

The Activity Pane is in the middle of the Account and Contact records in CRM – and can also be found on several other records. In all cases the activity pane will be in the center of the screen and can be accessed by clicking the Activities Tab (as highlighted in the screenshot).

Here you can see the four main activity types in CRM – Phone Call, Tasks, Emails and Appointments.

To Add a phone Call – Simply click Phone Call under the Activities tab; and then proceed to add the free text details of the call you’d like to record and then fill out the three fields below to add a due date (if required), select the contact the call was with and show the direction of the call.

Checking the tick box next to voicemail will show that you left a message rather than had a conversation.

Adding a TASK is similar – Simply click add Task under the Activities tab.

You may then add a subject, Description, due date and priority of the task in the fields below. The user you add in as the Owner should be the individual responsible for completing the task. You can set a task for yourself or a colleague by putting your own/a colleague’s name in as the owner.