The purpose of this document is to inform users how to install the Office 2016 software that is included in their Office 365 subscription

1. Navigate to ‘’

2. sign in with your Office 365 Credentials to access the Home page as shown below

3. Select "Install Office" drop down to select "Install Software"

4. Selecting this will begin a download, depending on your browser this may appear in multiple locations the most common browser locations are listed below:

Chrome - Download bar at bottom of page

FireFox - Downloads page in top right

Internet Explorer - Downloads bar at bottom of page

Edge - Downloads bar at bottom of page

Safari - Downloads folder in Dock

5. Select the file. From here, you will be prompted to allow the program to make changes to the Computer, select ‘Yes’. 

6. Once this has been selected, the install will start to run: 

6. Once this has been selected, the install will start to run: 

7. This now confirms the download of the Office 2016. Should you search for the Office 2016 programs, for example Word, Excel and Outlook, they shall now be accessible on the computer. 

8. When opening the Office software for the first time, there will be a prompt to Activate Office. With some installations, the activation may show the following: 

9. Here, click ‘Accept and start Word’ (this will depend on what software is trying to be accessed). 

In other instances, after clicking this, you will be required to enter your sign-in details to activate Office. When prompted, enter your Office 365 sign-in credentials. Office shall then be activated