The purpose of this document is to detail the process of adding an Office 365 user to a group in the Office 365 Admin Centre.

Firstly, sign-in to ‘’ with a global or user administrator account. From here, navigate to the ‘Admin’ tile that is shown on the Office 365 Homepage:

From here, looking towards the left-hand pane will find a ‘Groups’ option. Select the drop-down arrow next to this:

Then, select the ‘Groups’ option from the two choices here:

Then, from the list of groups, select the group that requires the user adding to:

From here, select the ‘Edit’ option next to members to add a member. This is the same process for adding an owner to the group.

Then, a list of the members will be displayed. At the top of this page, select the ‘Add Members’.

In regards to adding users, there are two possible methods. The first is to browse the list and to select the user(s) name(s) that require addition to the group:

Alternatively, there is the ability to search for users and to add them from there:

Once the desired changes have been made, select ‘Save’. The following confirmation message will then be displayed:

These changes can take around 15-30 minutes to propagate.

Check the Admin Centre after this time period to ensure the changes have been made:

Key Areas to Note:

  • User management or Global Administrator Permissions required.
  • Users are able to be added through two methods: Selecting from the list or searching using the search functionality.
  • Changes may take 15-30 minutes to propagate.