The purpose of this document is to detail the process in adding another Office 365 user account in to Outlook 2016.

Firstly, open Outlook 2016.

Once here, navigate to the top toolbar. In the top left-hand corner of the application you will see the option ‘File’. Click this option.

Clicking this shall open the following menu:

Under the ‘Info’ tab, there will be the header ‘Account Information’. Here, your current account shall be listed. Below this, there is an option to ‘Add Account’ – highlighted above.

Clicking the ‘Add Account’ option will load the following:

Here, enter the desired address that you wish to add in to Outlook. An example is below.

Once the address has been entered, select the ‘Connect’ option. This will then prompt you to enter the password:

Once the password has been entered, select the ‘Sign in’ option. Your account shall then be added in to Outlook.

The account shall appear in the left-hand toolbar, along with your current account(s):

As highlighted above, the mailbox now appears in Outlook.

Please note: Should the mailbox that is being added contain mail, you will not see all mail immediately. This is because Outlook is connecting with Exchange Online to sync the Emails to the device.

This may take some time but, looking along the bottom toolbar will inform you of the current status: