The purpose of this document is to detail the process in which external senders can deliver mail to a G Suite Group.

Firstly, log in to your G Suite account. From here, navigate to the top right of your toolbar:

As highlighted above, click the cube icon in the top-right hand corner. From this drop-down menu, please select ‘Groups’, highlighted below:

Selecting this shall take you to the following menu:

Select the highlighted option shown above.

This shall then take you to the following screen:

This lists all groups that the user is a member, manager or owner of. Highlighted is the group name/group address. Select the group that you require the permissions to be changed on.

Once the group has been selected, you will be able to change the settings through the following option:

This settings cog is located in the top-right hand corner, selecting this will allow the user to access the group settings menu.

This can be seen below:

Clicking this option will bring up the below screen:

Here, select permissions. This will open the permissions settings for the group. Here, select ‘Basic Permissions’. Then, as highlighted above, navigate to the ‘Post’ section. Here, select the drop down arrow.

From the list, select all options as shown below:

Select the options as per your delivery requirements. To allow external senders, tick the ‘Public’ option. This will then allow mail from external senders to be delivered to the group.