This article details the process of creating a new mail profile on Windows 10.

Firstly, navigate to the Control Panel of the device. This can be found by entering 'Control Panel' in the Windows search bar, as shown below:

As shown, this will display the Control Panel App. Select this to open the Control Panel.

Once the Control Panel has opened, navigate to the top-right of the Window and select 'View by:'

Change this to 'Small icons' or 'Large icons' - as highlighted above.

The Control Panel will then display the following options:

As highlighted above, select the 'Mail (Microsoft Outlook 2016)' option. This will open the following Window:

This will display a Pop-up Window that displays all Mail Profiles on the device:

To add a new Profile, select 'Add...':

Once 'Add...' has been selected, a window will appear prompting for a Name to be entered for the profile. This can be entered as any reference, however it is recommended a suitable profile name is selected, should multiple profiles be used on a machine:

Once the profile has been entered, select the 'OK' button in the top right of the Window. The following 'Add account' Window will be displayed:

As shown above, enter the user account details in the boxes displayed.

'Your name:' enter the name of the user account that is being added.

'Email adress:' - enter the Email Address of the account, looking to be added.

'Password:' - enter the account password.

'Retype Password:' - enter the password again for authentication.

Once these fields have all been entered successfully, select the 'Next >' option, situated towards the bottom right of the Window.

The account will then add. Once this has been successful, the following will be displayed:

The new profile will then be setup.