The purpose of this document is to detail the process in which Office 2016 is installed through an Office 365 account.

In order to access Office 365, open a web browser and navigate to ''.

Here, the following sign-in pages will be displayed:

The Office 365 Home Page will then be displayed, as shown below:

Towards the top-right of the app list, there is an option to 'Install Office'. Selecting this will display the following:

As shown here, select the 'Office 365 Apps' option. This will, by default, start to download the 64-bit version of the Office 2016 software. Should the 32-bit version be required, select 'Other installation options'.

Once the 'Office 365 Apps' option has been selected, the download for the software will start. This will be displayed in certain browsers differently, examples from Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox can be seen below:

Google Chrome:

Mozilla Firefox:

Once these files have been downloaded, select 'Run' or 'Open' to start the installation process of Office 2016.

Once started, the following will be displayed:

The progress bar will display how long the installation process has left. Once the process has finished, the following will be displayed:

The Office 2016 Suite will then be accessible.

When opening one of the Office programs for the first time, the following will be displayed:

Select 'Accept and Start (Office program name)'. This will then activate the Office software against your Office 365 account.