This guide details the process in which the Web Sign-In is carried out through a Skype-Enabled Polycom Desk Phone.

To initiate the sign-in process, select the 'Sign-in' option on the phone:

Here, there will be multiple choices as to how to sign in. Select 'Web Sign-In':

Selecting this will provide the '' URL and an access code:

Open a browser and navigate to the '' URL. Enter the code that is displayed on the phone screen, as shown below:

Once the code has been entered, the following Sign-In page will appear:

As shown above, enter the address of the account that will be accessing the phone. Once the user address has been entered, the Office 365 account password is required:

Once the correct password has been entered, the following will appear:

The phone will then begin to sign-in:

Once the sign-in has been completed, the following will appear:

The user is then successfully signed in to the Skype Phone.