Setting up outlook on your android device is a quick and easy process, we shall show you how to set up your account and bring full functionality to the application

Security Note: Before starting please make sure your device is fully updated to the latest operating system your manufacture offers, this ensures your device stays as secure as possible, you can find out how to check and update your device from your manufactures website.


Step 1: On your Android Device, you will have installed the 'Play Store'  it will look like one of these icons

Once you have clicked onto the application and the application has opened make a search for Microsoft Outlook via the search menu located on the top of the app. 

You should then see the following application within the search results


Tap on INSTALL  You may get prompted to create or log into a Google play store account, this is normal and for creating an account you can use any email for this but make sure to remember this as you will need to log into the play store to download and install applications on your current android device as well as future devices. Once the download is completed the install the install button will change to Open

 This image is what you will see during the download and install of the application

Now open the application

Once the application has opened select Get Started and follow the following instructions.

1) Enter your email address and select Continue 

2) Enter the password and select sign in If your account has two-step verification then approve the sign-in request if your account does not then this step can be skipped 
3) You may be greeted with the following pop up 'Let this app access your info?' select yes  
4) If you do not need another account to be set up after this then you can select 'Maybe later' when prompted 

Optional: if you wish to add another account. you can do so via this setup or later within the settings menu. 

Now your account will be set up on your device. 

- Andrew