In this guide, I will explain the importance of logging out of the RDS correctly and the possible implications this can bring to yourself while you are working within the RDS. 

Logging out of the RDS correctly is important, if you do not log out correctly this can cause the programs you use to crash, saved files to become corrupt or not saving the latest version or programs telling you that you are already logged on. 

The WRONG way of logging out of the RDS 

If you wish to end your RDS connection at any time please do not click on the X on the top of the blue bar, this can cause issues with your system as mentioned earlier. 

The CORRECT way of logging out of the RDS

To log out of the RDS correctly please follow these steps: 

Step one - On the desktop click on the windows button.

Step two - Click on the avatar icon on the top right, you will then be presented with a tray saying Lock and Sign Out, please click on Sign Out

When you log out correctly all your settings will sync correctly and when you relog into the RDS the likehood of you encountering any issues with settings or programs are greatly reduced.

Kind Regards, 

Andrew, 848 Group