When connected to the VPN, there have been multiple instances of users being prompted to enter their credentials.

This issue is caused as the domain username and password are required to access the network drive. Though, the default credential box uses the Email address.Therefore, when prompted for credentials, follow the steps detailed in this article.

The below credential box will appear:

As shown here, the address is an L&N Scotland Email address. This needs to be changed to a L&N Domain account (the account used to log-in to the L&N Laptop).

Therefore, select the 'More choices' box, displayed at the bottom of the Window:

There will then be multiple options. Select 'Use a different account', as shown below:

This will display a Username and Password box. In the Username Box, enter 'LNScotland\' and then enter your username - this is usually the initial of your first name, followed by your surname. For Example: John Smith - LNScotland\JSmith. Then, enter the password that logs in to your laptop.

Prior to submitting the details, select 'Remember my Credentials', as highlighted above.

To confirm these credentials, hit the 'Enter' key on the keyboard or select 'OK', displayed in the bottom left of the screenshot above.

This will then authorise the access to the L&N Mapped Drives.